Teamwork In The Precision Engineering Supply Chain

Precision Engineering, especially sub-contract machining, can sometimes become a very insular environment. Requests for quote come through, often by email, prices are sent back, by email, an order will sometimes follow, you guessed it, by email. The parts are manufactured, inspected, packaged and dispatched. This can be the sum total of the interaction between customer and supplier, an increasingly common scenario since the working from home and social distancing of Covid-19.

This lack of social interaction can not only have a detrimental impact on the emotional well being of the people involved in this relationship, but also on the way in which the needs of the design team are met by the manufacturer. A drawing can contain copious amounts of information, but, in many cases, the discussion of the design intent and exact requirements can yield untold benefits. Building a working relationship between design team and manufacturer can prove to be invaluable.

At Quadrant Precision we are always happy to discuss whatever project, or part, you are looking to build, or manufacture, and leverage our years of experience and knowledge in your favour. So, not only will you end up with components, which fulfil their requirements, on-time and on budget, but we will also be able to make Precision Engineering feel “human” again!

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