All Soluble Is Not Created Equal

We had a problem…

Our soluble oil we were using as cutting fluid in our machining centres and lathes kept separating. When separation happens a film of oil is left on top of the liquid in the sump, this leads to a build up of bacteria, which can be very unpleasant and also hazardous.

After a call to our original supplier, of around 14 years, proved fruitless, we called in James Hutchings of ChemArrow.

James tested the PH and bacteria level on all the machines, tested the water coming from our tap and recommended a ChemArrow product, specifically designed for hard water areas and general purpose machining, including Titanium.

We took the plunge and ordered a barrel of soluble and set out a regular timetable for sample testing from each machine.

The results have been better than we could have hoped for! There has been no separation, there have been no malodours and the testing schedule gives us confidence that we are doing our best to keep all our staff safe.

So, if you’re experiencing a similar problem, please reach out to James, let him help, advise and guide you, you will be in safe hands!

Also, if you have any manufacturing requirements, CNC Milling, CNC Turning or fabrication, please get in touch:

020 4599 6424

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